School Staff

Mr M Peart – Headteacher
Mr C Tomlinson  – Acting Deputy Headteacher / SENCO
Mr J Close  – Head of Care / Deputy DSL
Mrs S Thwaite  – Administration & Assets Manager
Mrs C Lowis  – Finance Manager
Ms E Adams  – Teaching & Learning Co-ord / Lead DSL

Mrs E Adams  –  English
Mrs S Hunter  –  Art
Mr H Lunt  –  ICT, PE
Mr A Robinson  –  Science
Ms S Shuttleworth   – Science, Catering
Mrs E Sole  –  MFL
Mr W Thorpe  –  Science,  Maths
Mrs S Towers   –  Maths, Exams Officer

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs N Fawcett – Learning & Intervention Manager
Mrs H Kitchen – Pastoral Officer – Deputy DSL
Mr R Openshaw
Mrs A Travis

Teaching Assistants
Ms T Donohue                Miss Z Dixon

Care Team Managers
Mr N Houghton  – Outdoor Education Co-ordinator
Mr P Flynn

Residential Educational Support and Welfare Officers:
Mr C Fellows
Mr R Barker            Mr D Hankinson
Mr P Brennand       Mrs J Houghton
Miss A Burrow        Mr A Melville
Mrs T Nicholson     Mrs A Dawson
Mr R Wallace

Mr B Willis

Waking Watch (Night Supervision Officers):
Mr C Bvundura      Mrs C MacMillan
Mr S Holmes          Mr T Sykes

School Business Support Officers:
Mrs L Ashworth    Mr P Lowery
Mrs E Brown         Mrs J Reynolds

Catering Staff:
Mrs S Burt – Catering Manager
Mrs D Airey       Mrs D Read

Site Team:
Mr R Snell (Site Manager)   Mr A Peach

Mrs D Carter         Mrs A Greenep
Mrs A Dodgson     Mrs L Kaulbarsch

Designated First Aiders at Work:
Mr P Brennand      Mr J Close

Mr M Peart (temporary) Health & Safety Officer


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