School Uniform

The whole school, including the Day Boys, wear a uniform of black trousers, a striped tie, a navy blue sweatshirt with the school emblem on the front and plain black shoes. Senior Boys wear a white shirt and Junior Boys wear a blue shirt. Blazers are available for formal occasions.

A contribution of £40.00 per year is requested for each pupil from parents at the beginning of each academic school year.

N.B. Extra School uniform can be purchased from school at an extra cost.

School provide:

1 pair of Charcoal trousers
1 School Tie
2 school shirts
1 school sweatshirt

Borders Only
Dressing Gown

Boarders should bring:

A holdall
4 pairs of socks
1 pair of trainers
4 pairs of underpants
4 T-shirts
1 coat
1 pair of jeans or play trousers
1 pair of swimming trunks
2 sets of nightwear

Boarders clothing is cleaned when put in the laundry basket. Each pupil has a laundry pigeonhole where their clean clothing is placed. Small repairs are also carried out. Each pupil is given a number which is marked on each item of their clothing; however, it is helpful if you mark any personal clothing with the pupils name.

All PE kit and PE equipment is provided by the school. Parents/Carers may supply football boots, trainers etc.

N.B. Trainers for use in the Sports Hall should be non-marking.


Pupils are not encouraged to wear jewellery, but may wear a watch, one stud earring in each ear and any items relating to the pupil’s religion, e.g. cross and chain, metal Karha. Please note: in the interests of safety, other items of jewellery are not to be worn in school.

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Pupils are not permitted to swap or trade belongings without parental consent. Valuable items such as radios and computers should not be brought to School, without permission. Mobile ’Camera’ phones and Tablet Equipment are not allowed in school at anytime, and if brought into school, it is handed in immediately upon arrival, for safekeeping.

Each pupil has access to a lockable cabinet in his living area. Parents/Carers should note that the school cannot accept liability for the loss or damage of personal property unless staff have taken responsibility for said items.

Anything found should be handed in to a member of staff.

Each residential pupil receives on a Friday a sum of pocket money based on their Year Group. Pupils are encouraged to save money in the school bank operated by Mrs Lowis. Large sums of money should not be brought to school but any items of small value should be kept in the Library Pupils Bank with Mrs Fawcett.

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