Our Curriculum

All students have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Class sizes are kept small, enabling individual programmes to be devised suited to the needs of each student. Personal as well as academic skills are nurtured to encourage the development of confident, well-adjusted, sensitive and independent young people.

All students have a Local Education Authority Education, Health and Care Plan. It would only be in exceptional circumstances that a student would be excluded from full National Curriculum Entitlement; for example

(a) to participate in an extended work-related learning programme;

(b) to emphasize a curriculum area in which they have strengths;

(c) to consolidate their learning across the curriculum.

Students enter school aged 11 in Year 7 and leave aged 16 from Year 11. As in any secondary school, the curriculum is organised so that students receive tuition from subject specialists. The Curriculum is based on a National Curriculum Entitlement this forms the basis of study but students are also offered a variety of other opportunities including Outdoor Education.

Our 14 – 19 offer includes a variety of courses including GCSE (AQA), ELC (AQA), OCR National Certificate, Functional Skills in English and Maths, EDEXCEL Awards, FCSE, BTEC Level 1 qualifications, Arts Award, ASDAN and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. (The school is an operating authority for the Duke of Edinburgh Centre.)
Courses for 2020/21 include GCSE Art, Cooking, Sport, Work Skills, Land Based Studies (Animal Care).

The school incorporates a Vocational Studies Centre with fully equipped garage and catering classroom.

Emphasis is placed on the preparation of the individual for a happy and independent life after Wennington Hall. Students in Year 11 undertake Work Experience placements.
External qualifications are available in a number of subjects and all students who are able are encouraged to register as candidates.

Every student who leaves Wennington Hall School in Year 11 receives an exit booklet, prepared by the Careers teacher, with all the relevant information they may require upon leaving school.

RE and Collective Worship

Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum at Wennington Hall and is delivered at both KS3 and KS4. It follows an approved syllabus which is non-denominational and multi-faith in character. Parents/Carers are welcome to see the scheme of work.

RE has a special status as part of the basic curriculum. All aspects of the curriculum are intended to reflect RE in terms of spiritual and moral well-being.
Religious Education is formally timetabled as a subject in its own right, and is taught by a designated member of staff.
Parents/Carers who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child from religious activities are asked to arrange an appointment with the Head teacher before doing so.
Sporting Activities

Sporting activities are considered a vital part of the Wennington Hall curriculum. Not only do they contribute to the physical fitness of our students but they also teach team spirit and sportsmanship. Some of our students develop into competent sportsmen; all students learn to be good sports.

We offer a wide variety of sports including soccer, basketball, golf, skiing, table tennis, trampolining, mountain biking and athletics, as well as water sports and motor sports.
There is a strong tradition of playing football in the school, and Wennington Hall sets a high standard for sportsmanlike behaviour in matches against local schools and in local competitions.
The leisure programme also offers opportunity for bowling, snooker, quad biking, kiting, and motorbike riding.

The range of Outdoor Pursuits on offer to the students at Wennington are structured to offer situations that help develop self-confidence, self-awareness and co-operative behaviour, based on helping and trusting peers. The school follows the County guidelines on risk assessments for visits and activities.

Numeracy & Maths / Language & Literacy
Teachers regardless of subject specialism develop our students understanding in Numeracy, Maths, Language and Literacy, as well as developing vocabulary. We regard these skills are key to their learning and progress across the whole curriculum.

Sex Education
The 2011 Education Act requires sex education to be provided as part of the National Curriculum (2014) and it is taught with due regard to moral considerations and an emphasis on the value and importance of family life. The programme, which has been ratified by the Governors, is not taught in isolation but within a framework of a personal development programme dealing with the many aspects of growing up.

Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw their children from sex education lessons and should discuss the matter with the Head teacher should they wish to do so. They are also welcome to discuss policy matters in this area; to view teaching materials; look at the policy documents or submit a discussion item for the agenda of a future meeting with the Head teacher or Governors.

Careers Advice
Careers Education and Guidance is an essential part of every student’s curriculum entitlement. It aims to foster development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for students to make well informed educational and vocational choices. It also fosters economic wellbeing.
Aspects of Careers Education are covered in more detail in Year 9 onwards, it is part of the Annual Review process for Year 9 and 11 students to discuss career options in more detail

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