KS4 Maths

In Years 9, 10 and 11 the boys are working over 3 years towards the new AQA (syllabus 8300) GCSE which will be graded from 9 to 1. The qualification is assessed by 3 exams, each 1½ hours in length all taken in the summer of year 11.

Year 9: basic number, factors and multiples, angles, scale diagrams and bearings, basic algebra, basic fractions, coordinates and linear graphs, basic decimals, rounding, collecting and representing data, sequences, basic percentages, introduction to perimeter and area, introduction to circumference and area, ratio and proportion, basic probability, Equations, scatter graphs, transformations, Pythagoras’ theorem, 2D representation of 3D shapes.

Year 10: standard form, calculating with percentages, measures, statistical measures, indices, construction and loci, algebra recap and extension, congruence and similarity, introduction to trigonometry, further perimeter and area, graphs recap and extension, further circumference and area, simultaneous equations, properties of polygons, real life graphs, review of basic probability, probability.

Year 11: volume, algebra: quadratics, rearranging formulae and identities, inequalities, algebra and graphs, sketching graphs, direct and inverse proportion, trigonometry, solving quadratic equations, quadratic graphs, growth and decay, vectors.

The course will also cover:

  • developing skills in thinking, reasoning and problem solving
  • practising basic technique in Number, Algebra and Geometry
  • applying these techniques in solving problems in mathematical contexts
  • appreciating the importance of clear communication, justification and proof

Written assessments are set after every topic as are half termly tests.

Home learning is set weekly and takes the form of topic consolidation and revision tasks mainly through tasks set by the exam board.

All the boys will also complete the AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics; this is started at the end of year 9 and is completed alongside the GCSE. The qualification consists of 8 tests, each taken when the student is ready.

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