KS4 Leisure & Tourism

This two year examination course will enable pupils to gain two GCSE’s. In Year 10 pupils will gain a better understanding of leisure and tourism destinations and then undertake an investigation of how and why people use leisure and tourism facilities. In Year 11 pupils will be taught about the business of leisure and tourism and then undertake an investigation based on tourism destinations and the impact on the environment. Pupils will sit a 1 hour examination in May of each year.

In Year 10 pupils will:

  • Learn about the range of leisure and tourism destinations in the UK and abroad.
  • Be taught how people travel to destinations and why they select their chosen method.
  • Learn about visitor attractions and activities both in the UK and internationally.
  • Be taught about the impact of tourism on communities and environments and the importance of sustainability, including eco tourism.
  • Pupils will undertake an investigation into a town or area of their choice, eg Morecambe.
  • They will learn about the reasons why people use leisure and tourism facilities and the different types of leisure and tourism organisations.
  • Be taught how to investigate the rapid pace of change in the leisure and tourism industry.
  • Learn how leisure and tourism organisations operate as businesses.

In Year 11 pupils will:

  • Lean about how leisure and tourism businesses promote and sell their products and services.
  • Be taught about the range of jobs available in leisure and tourism and the skills and qualities needed.
  • Learn about health and safety issues faced by leisure and tourism businesses.
  • Pupils will also undertake an investigation into tourism destinations and their impact, short or long haul.
  • They will learn about the impact of tourism on the environment and on destination communities.
  • Be taught about the attractions and activities available to different visitor types.

Enrichment Activities/Assessment
Pupils will have the opportunity to visit some of the facilities and attractions in the local area. Twilight sessions are available to Yr 10 and Yr 11 at the end of the school day to consolidate understanding or to prepare for exams and coursework. Formative assessment takes place throughout the course, together with a summative termly grade.

Coursework assignments and examinations provide further assessment at the end of each year.

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