Wennington Hall School – overview of CEIAG 2020-2021

Assistant Headteacher Mr C Tomlinson is the Senior Leader for CEIAG and provides the link between the CEIAG Leader, SLT and Governors.  Mrs K Jarman is the CEIAG Link Governor who supports the programme.

Mrs K Clough is the Careers/Information/Advice and Guidance (CEIAG), who works alongside Mrs J Houghton the Transition Coordinator. They both have excellent understanding of post 16 routes and National and Local Labour Market Information.  Strong links with colleges and industry have been forged.

These relationships provide a wide range of encounters to raise student aspirations.

The school is part of the Lancashire Enterprise Advisor Network.  The school works in partnership with Compass and our named advisor is Chris Maddock.

The role of the Careers leader is to assist young people’s career learning, planning and development by leading and managing the development of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in the school. The leader advises senior managers and governors on aspects of CEIAG, develops the careers programme, organises resources and ensures that students have access to impartial IAG within school and independently.



The aim of the CEIAG programme is to raise our student’s aspirations, broaden their horizons, challenge stereotypes and empower them to make well informed realistic decisions at all key transition points in learning and work.

In October 2018 the DfE published an update to the new statutory guidance for Career Guidance in schools. The aim is to make sure that all schools have a Careers Leader and that young people in secondary school get a programme of advice and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by qualified and experienced individuals. This statutory guidance has been restructured around the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

Good Career Guidance – A report by Professor Sir John Homan, Adviser in Education at the Gatsby Foundation. The report identified eight benchmarks that are the core dimensions of good careers provision in schools. At Wennington Hall School the benchmarks are the foundation for our CEIAG programme.

The school is strong and committed to all 8 Benchmarks:

  1. A stable Careers programme
  2. Learning from Career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experience of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal Guidance
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Career Guidance

There is a planned programme of curriculum activities and learning experiences. The purpose is to help young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work. The main aims of the programme are:

  • Self-development:

To enable young people to understand themselves and the influences on them, build a track record of their experiences and achievements and develop their capabilities.

  • Career exploration:

Enable young people to identify, investigate and evaluate opportunities in learning and work.

  • Career management:

Support young people to make and adjust plans to manage career choices, changes and transitions.

  • Employer Engagement:

Inspire young people to progress in learning and work through engagement with the local business community.


Wennington Hall School has strong links with outside agencies including colleges, training providers and local businesses which contribute to:

  • Raising aspirations and increasing motivation – helping young people to identify educational and occupational goals
  • Demonstrating the relevance of the knowledge and the skills learnt in subjects to future opportunities in learning and work
  • Developing skills for effective learning – reviewing achievements, setting targets, planning and taking action
  • Demonstrating the links between living, learning and earning
  • Improving literacy – developing information and communication skills
  • Developing student’s employability skills.


School has a qualified Teacher/Adviser who provides support for the students and school with the provision of:

  • Impartial IAG about careers/education/employment/training/LMI
  • Face to face individual guidance interviews for students in Years 10 and 11
  • One to one support/guidance interview with Mrs Houghton (Transition Coordinator) to assist in the production of action plans and to support students to achieve their goals
  • Recording of Action Plans/meetings onto SIMS/ Staff Shared area/Grid maker (in house recording system)
  • Group guidance sessions
  • Lunchtime/afterschool advice clinics when required
  • Internal workshops
  • Educational visits.

All CEIAG activities support and link to ‘Living in the Wider World’ strand in the new PSHE Association Programme of Study and new PSHE Statutory Guidance (updated February 2019) (see below)


KS3: Living in the Wider World

L1. to recognise, clarify and if necessary challenge their own core values and how their values influence their choice

L4. strategies for safely challenging stereotyping, prejudice, bigotry, bullying, and discrimination when they witness or experience it in their daily lives

L8. about their own identity as a learner, preferred style of learning and to develop study, organisational, research and presentation skills

L9. to identify own strengths, interests, skills and qualities as part of the personal review and planning process, including their value to future employability and strategies for further developing them

L10. different types of work, including employment, self-employment and voluntary work; that everyone has a ‘career’ which is their pathway through life, education and work

L11. about the laws and by-laws relating to young people’s permitted hours and types of employment and how to minimise health and safety risks

L12. about different work roles and career pathways, including clarifying their own early aspirations

L13. about the labour market (including the diversity of local and national employment opportunities and about self-employment); about learning options, skills, occupations and progression routes

L14. about the choices available to them at the end of Key Stage 3, sources of information, advice and support, and the skills to manage this decision-making process

L15. the benefits of being ambitious and enterprising in all aspects of life

L16. the skills and qualities required to engage in enterprise, including seeing opportunity, managing risk, marketing, productivity, understanding the concept of quality, cash flow and profit

KS4: Living in the Wider World

L1. to evaluate their own personal strengths and areas for development and to use this to inform goal setting

L6. how social media can offer opportunities to engage with a wide variety of views on different issues

L9.  about harassment and how to manage this (including in the workplace); the legal consequences of harassment

L10. how their strengths, interests, skills and qualities are changing and how these relate to future employability

L11. about the information, advice and guidance available to them and how to access the most appropriate support


Wennington Hall – overview of CEIAG activities 2020/2021

For Students, Teachers, Parent/Carers and Employers


See landscape table of activities under Curriculum Maps – Careers


Wennington Hall –2020/2021

CEIAG for Parent/Carers and Employers


  • Once your child reaches year 10 &11 you will be contacted by the schools Transition Co-ordinator to discuss options when leaving school.
  • Keep you updated via the schools’ Parent App regarding transition courses and work experiences.
  • You can contact us at any time to discuss arising issues on transition.


  • We are currently working with Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership and we would welcome any input from local employers and businesses.
  • Year 10 & 11 pupils require work experience and we are actively seeking work placements and employers to take on work experience placements and/or to talk at a careers fair/complete a presentation on your business.


Transition Co-Ordinator                                                   Careers Teacher/Advisor

Mrs J Houghton                                                                   Mrs K Clough

015242 21333                                                                      015242 21333

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