KS4 BTEC Vocational Education

The school provides a range of vocational courses for the students to access in years 10. The courses are resourced to a very high level each having their own dedicated facility providing a real life vocational experience for the students.

All students follow the BTEC courses in Personal & Social Development and Work Skills thought-out year 10 and 11 and during year 10 they can then choose one course from the following:

  • Sport & Active Leisure
  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Engineering

Some students will also have the opportunity to follow vocational courses in the following:

  • Travel & Tourist
  • Money and Finance

All qualifications are a Level 1 Certificate.

Students are encouraged to access the facilities and resources provided by these courses during evening activity time.

In September 2017 there will be similar courses on offer but at a higher level to encourage pupils to gain a higher level qualification.

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