KS4 Art, Craft & Design

In year 10 the pupils will:
Initially be made aware of the GCSE requirements and specifications through the AQA Examination board, they will over the course of the year develop a working sketch book showing their strengths, experiments and investigations that are part of their coursework. The pupils will undertake a series of projects allowing them to uncover and discover new dimensions to their art work and develop their confidence through using a variety of media. Projects will involve natural forms, architectural features, view points and autobiography and personal response work.

Pupils will constantly annotate their work explaining ideas, investigations, materials and understand that this literature is a important part of their work, and is a necessity for the examination.

In year 11 the pupils will:
Undertake their final GCSE examination and will prepare for it through an allowed preparation period, in which pupils will use their knowledge, skills and understanding of the previous years to give a personal response to their chosen exam question.

Pupils will be fully supported through this period and will be assisted wherever possible within the allowance of the examination. Where possible pupils will further complete projects on typography, art and culture.

The importance of Key stage four within the subject area is delivered to the pupils and emphasised by making sure all pupils are fulfilling the GCSE criteria, their reaction and attitude towards this is therefore reflected in the project work accomplished.

Enrichment Activities KS4
Pupils are actively encouraged to take extra art project work, particularly preparatory examination work, away from school or onto house to complete and work on to benefit their project. An annual exhibition of GCSE art work is displayed within the Art gallery and pupils are actively encouraged to produce work for this. Termly Art competitions are available for KS4 to join in.

Assessment in Art, craft and design is currently through the school levelling system and each project completed is levelled showing progression and development. Termly report cards are used to record assessment levels. Home learning is marked and assessed weekly through the AFL stamp which allows comments and grade/level for that piece of work, which is then recorded.

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