KS3 Religious Education

All year groups study Religious Education through a variety of creative, practical and reflective activities. We look at 6 main religions Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam. The pupils will search personal meaning through learning about the religions traditions and learning from various religions using their various believes and values.

Pupils will look at religion through community, sacred literature and philosophy – What matters most?

In Year 7 the pupils will look at community through the following activities:

  • Christianity-God the Creator-Produce a jigsaw.
  • Islam-5 Pillars of Islam-Produce a poster.
  • Christianity-Remembrance Day Service and booklet.
  • Christianity-Christmas-Nativity activity.
  • Christianity-Life of Jesus-Jesus Leaflet.
  • Buddhism-Buddhist Festival-Party and invitation.
  • Sikhism-Community-5K’s comic strip.
  • Judaism-Holocaust-Reflective work.

In Year 8 the pupils will look at sacred books and revered literature through the following activities:

  • Christianity-Creator God-Poster about good stewardship.
  • Islam-Character of Allah- Produce a power point.
  • Christianity- Remembrance Day Service and booklet.
  • Christianity-Christmas-Nativity activity.
  • Christianity-Miracles-collage & Parables-Invitation.
  • Judaism-Yom Kippur/Sukkot-Celebrate a festival.
  • Christianity-World Wide Church-Baptism-Baptism card-Church visit.
  • Hinduism-Community-Hindu hand art.
  • Judaism-Holocaust-Reflective work.

In Year 9 the pupils will look at philosophy and religion and what matters most through the following activities:

  • Hindu/Christianity/Atheist-Is death the end?-stain glass window.
  • Sikhism/Christianity-Is religion a force for good or evil?-Charter of PEACE.
  • Christianity- Remembrance Day Service and booklet.
  • Christianity-Christmas-Nativity activity.
  • Judaism-Holocaust-Reflective work.
  • Islam/Christianity-Religion & Science-Q and A class debate.
  • Christianity/Judaism-Religion in Art/Media- visitor in school.
  • Muslims/Christianity- Good & Evil-Produce a game.
  • Buddhism/Christianity-What is the Truth?-Symbol activity.

The students have special reflective assemblies in school, harvest and holocaust.
Prayers are said following all assemblies.

  • We commemorate Remembrance Day through assembly and special service encouraging personal reflection.
  • Each month a pupil in class is awarded with ‘Value of Month Award’ for empathy and perseverance etc.
  • We go in to sensory room for reflective activity.
  • We go in to hospitality suite when producing food for festivals.
  • We have visitors in to do assemblies or workshops who share their faith.
  • Annually we attend the Youth Religious Education Conference and meet with other pupils from Lancashire schools.
  • We visit various places of worship.
  • We visit museums to support work in religious education lessons.
  • We organise and produce an annual Christmas Carol Service in the local church.
  • We support various charities in the school; one we help with is the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal, going to the warehouse to help too.
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