Curriculum Overview

September 2018

Teaching and Learning

The Curriculum

The school supports learning in English, Maths, Science, Art, Design and Technology (Resistant Materials and Food) Geography, French, History, ICT, PE, PSHE and RE.

Alongside the National curriculum subjects studied, the students also participate in a carousel of activities which not only introduces new skills and knowledge but also develops social skill, teamwork and creativity.

The current programme will allow the students over a 1 year period to experience, drama, sculpture, cooking, first aid, a spice trail and a programme of teamwork, resilience and independence (TRI). These courses can then contribute towards an ASDAN qualification.

Students can also opt to take part in peripatetic keyboard, guitar and violin lessons.

The curriculum is structured to ensure the personal development of all our students ensuring that the curriculum focuses not only on academic achievement but also on developing life skills that will help students outside school.


In key Stage 3

There are 2 classes of between 6 and 8 pupils in each year group. The classes are of mixed ability with some careful selection based on attainment and prior performance, CAT testing and baseline assessments early in the first term along with some consideration of social issues reinforce the selection process.  All classes have both teacher and support staff to support and facilitate learning.

The following baseline data is collated in the autumn term to support the learning process.

  1. KS2 Scaled Scores initially in Grammar, Reading and Mathematics
  2. Flight Path projections created from KS2 Scaled Scores
  3. CAT Assessment data collected at the start of Year 7
  4. STAR Assessment Data collected by English and Maths teachers at the start of Year 7 then monitored and updated throughout the year
  5. Hodder spelling age data collected at the start and end of each academic year throughout KS3


Over the course of each year formative and summative assessment takes place; Year 7 pupils are tested for learning styles to better inform the teaching staff and enable them to adapt teaching methods to suit each individual. CAT tests also take place on entry in year 7, these not only provide teachers with valuable teaching and learning strategies for each individual pupil they also give staff an indication of likely grades at the end of  Lower School and at GCSE. This data is then used to inform planning for our pupils.

In Key Stage 4

There are two classes in each of the two year groups of between 6 and 8 pupils. The classes are of mixed ability with the groupings based on previous attainment and predictions taken from CAT tests and the professional judgment of the teacher’s.

Students follow the National Curriculum in core and foundation subjects and are also given the option to choose and study further GCSE subjects.

Apart from the core subjects all students have the option to choose additional subjects to study. This has proved to be a successful option system. BTEC Level 1 vocational courses are also offered in Catering & Hospitality, Sport & Active Leisure and Engineering.  Again students are given the choice as to which vocational route they wish to follow and usually are given their first choice. Alongside these vocational course the students all follow courses in Personal and Social Development and Workskills.

Further development of the PE curriculum has also taken place since September, students have now the opportunity to participate in a wider range of sports being delivered by qualified staff, we have trained or are in the process of training staff to deliver skiing, climbing, table tennis, trampolining and mountain bike activities.

Students can sit up to 10 GCSE subjects using the AQA and OCR examination boards, as well as 3 BTEC qualifications and the recently introduced ASDAN qualification ‘Certificate of Personal Effectiveness’ or ‘Award of Personal Effectiveness’.

Twilight and lunchtime revision and support sessions are offered in all subject areas to maximize the success of each student at GCSE.

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