Curriculum Overview

Wennington Hall School


Wennington Hall School offers a diverse curriculum to pupils across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Our intent is to ensure that pupils are ready for all aspects of later life and have experiences, facilitated by school that help them prepare for this. We attempt to provide the best learning conditions which will help young people to learn the knowledge, skills and capacity for lifelong success.

The curriculum is designed to encourage participation and enjoyment of learning, with engaging and relevant subject content which makes sense to the pupils.


Wennington Hall School offers a curriculum which is broadly in line with the National Curriculum, with a clear focus and weighting on the core subjects of Math, English and Science across the time table.

Key Stage 3

Teachers and support staff use the schools facilities to deliver the full breadth of curriculum, including the Aesthetic and Creative subjects of Art, Design Technology and Physical Education.

In addition to the core subjects, the Humanities (Geography and History) are taught across Key Stage 3 with Information Technology (including computing). Pupils are taught a Modern Foreign language encouraging the development of literacy and a broader understanding of cultures and perspective of the world.

Wennington Hall School has a strong focus on personal development which is reinforced through the use of Outdoor Education and Duke of Edinburgh which forms a key component of the timetable. Sitting on the boarder of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District gives pupils an amazing opportunity to experience and learn about the environment and themselves whilst developing confidence and resilience.

Pupils Wellbeing, Careers and citizenship is taught through PHSE, and RE giving pupils an understanding and awareness of the world around them, its diversity and the options available to them in the future. Pupils develop a pathway plan which encourages them to see a way forward and a place in the society in which they live.

Intervention work address identified gaps in learning with reading a significant focus and gateway skill to learning. Wennington Hall School uses Accelerated Reader as one aspect of the monitoring of pupils reading, language, comprehension and vocabulary.


Kay Stage 4

In addition to the core subjects pupils in Key Stage 4 may choose to take a more personalised curriculum and accredited pathway based on their aspirations and career choices. Core subjects remain the focus with the additional offer of subjects including Animal Care, BTec Sport, Catering and Motor Vehicle Studies alongside furthering their experience and qualifications in the subjects studied in Key Stage 3.

Pupils are supported in accredited pathways which are appropriate for them from functional skills through entry level qualifications to GCSE across all subject areas.

The structure of the time table and curriculum mapping is aligned to allow pupils across Key Stage 3 to develop and rehearse key skills and concepts and embed learning. Opportunities are taken for concepts to be taught and reinforced across subject areas and this continues into Key Stage 4 where the curriculum is based on the development of mastery and an interleaving structure to encourage concepts, skills and knowledge to be mastered and experienced throughout year 10 and 11.

Teachers and the Senior Leadership team monitor and assess pupil progress and report back to parents and carers regularly. All pupils have a key worker and tutor team who regularly set targets which are monitored and reviewed on a half termly basis in line with the EHCP (Education & Health Care Plans).

This gives us confidence in the monitoring of the curriculums intent, implementation and impact.

Please also view the schools Teaching and Learning Policy and Curriculum maps.

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